Division of Student Affairs

The Division Student Affairs was created to partner with you, our students, in creating a safe and engaging community. The staff members who work to serve you are extremely dedicated to finding ways to help you succeed at UW-Green Bay. We promise to work tirelessly to give you a place where you feel you matter and belong to your Phoenix family.

We will find ways to create a dynamic and engaging campus community where every student feels they have a voice and a place. We will accomplish this through providing inclusive programming, living and learning, wellness and recreation, individual and group support opportunities for every student.

Please consider getting involved on campus through clubs and organizations and be a part moving UWGB forward while making new friends and developing skills and experiences employers are looking for. Your voice is a critical part of what we do so please let us know if you have thoughts or suggestions on how we can create a better and more inclusive community. We are proud to partner with you to shape your great success as a member of the Phoenix family!

Student Affairs